Welcome to Rachab Hills Poultry Farm

Rachab Hills Poultry Farm is an agricultural produce business located at the outskirts of the metropolitan city of Lagos state, the business hub and economic nerve center of Nigeria with a population of over 23 Million people residing and working in the city.

In 2016, the Nigerian economy plunged into recession due to dwindling oil fortunes because the nation was a mono economic entity, with a large part of her foreign exchange coming from crude oil trade; with this event, there was an astronomical rise in prices of basic food items in the Nigerian markets particularly items imported from other countries which include poultry produce. This development led to the discovery that the local production of animal protein falls far short of meeting the demands of a rapidly growing population, as it’s an established fact that poultry meat and eggs are the most consumed animal protein unrestricted by any religion or culture in Nigeria.

This development gave birth to Rachab Hills Poultry Farm which aims to provide an import substitute of poultry meat in the local market. The farm aims to make chicken produce readily available and affordable in the city of Lagos and to provide employment opportunities for young working class individuals who are jobless or under employed. Our belief system also, is that chicken is not a luxury food item to be consumed only at special occasions or during festive periods (as is obtainable in most homes), but is also a necessary protein rich food item essential in all household.

Freshly Processed Chicken Meat
Freshly Processed Chicken Meat

The Nigerian Family

Rachab Hills Poultry Farm was founded to rear, process, package and sell chicken meat to the Nigerian market.


Our Vision is to set the standard as a world class poultry farm: by consistently producing quality chicken meat while reducing hunger and mal-nutrition.


1.)  Drive growth and profitability through efficient production, humane animal treatment and employee development.

2) To build an online educational platform, enlightening our online communities about the gains and nutritional benefits of consuming poultry products.